The White Rhino


  • 1.5 oz. Easy Rhino Liqueur
  • 5 oz. ginger beer (we use Main Root Spicy Ginger Brew)
  • Fresh Lime Juice

    Pour Ingredients along with some ice in a cocktail glass, garnish it with a lime and fresh mint.
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    The white rhinoceros or square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) is the largest extant species of rhinoceros. It has a wide mouth used for grazing and is the most social of all rhino species. The white rhinoceros consists of two subspecies: the southern white rhinoceros, with an estimated 17,460 wild-living animals at the end of 2007 (IUCN 2008), and the much rarer northern white rhinoceros. The northern subspecies has very few remaining, with only five confirmed individuals left (four females and one male), all in captivity. To learn more or to help, visit

    The Silverback Gorilla.

    The Silver Back


  • 1.5 oz. Easy Rhino Liqueur
  • 5 oz. Red Bull

    Pour Ingredients along with some ice in a cocktail glass
    Silver Back Page stamp
    The eastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) also known as the Grauer's gorilla is a subspecies of eastern gorilla endemic to the mountainous forests of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Important populations of this gorilla live within the Kahuzi-Biega and Maiko National Parks and their adjacent forests, the Tayna Gorilla Reserve, the Usala forest and on the Itombwe Massif.
    It is the largest of the four gorilla subspecies. It has jet black coats like the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei), although the hair is shorter on the head and body. The male's coat, like that of other gorillas, turns silver at the back as the animal matures. There are many more western lowland gorillas than the eastern variety; compared to a possible total of over 100,000 western lowland gorillas, there are only about 5,000 eastern lowland gorillas in the wild. To learn more or to help, visit

    The Black Rhino


  • 1.5 oz. Easy Rhino Liqueur
  • 1.5 oz. vanilla creamer
  • 5 oz. coffee

    Pour Ingredients along with some ice in a cocktail glass and enjoy!
    Black Rhino Page stamp
    The black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) is a species of rhinoceros, native to eastern and central Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. Although the rhinoceros is referred to as black, its colors vary from brown to grey. The species overall is classified as critically endangered, and three subspecies, one including the western black rhinoceros, were declared extinct by the IUCN in 2011. To learn more or to help, visit


    The EasyRhino Team is open for suggestions! We want to thank all of our Patron Mixologists who continue to send us your creative Cocktail Sensations! We encourage all EasyRhino Liqueur Patrons to get creative with our tasty spirits and let us know what you come up with, and we'll add "Your" EasyRhino Cocktail to our site!

    Pineapple Rhino Tonic

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, Fresh Pineapple, Orange, Cucumber, Lime, Organic Ginger.

    The Blue Rhino

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, Blue Curaçao, Pineapple Juice and fresh Sour.

    Ginger Vanilla Lemonade

    EasyRhino Liqueur® complements Liber & Co. fiery ginger syrup with fresh lemonade for a vigorously refreshing cocktail.

    Rhino Rancher

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, Agave, Fresh Lime, Black Berries & Mint .

    Old Fashion Rhino

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, Agave, Fresh Lime, Black Berries & Mint .

    The Rhino Rita

    A Refreshing Frozen Margarita served with a EasyRhino Liqueur® Floater!

    The Skinny Rhino

    A Rhino Spritzer...EasyRhino Liqueur®, mixed with Fresh Pineapple Juice, Lime, sparkling water or soda garnished with a Lime.

    The Rhino Smash

    EasyRhino Liqueur® meets Liber & Co. fiery ginger syrup, sweet and sour and cool, fresh mint for a delicious cocktail

    Rhino Maraca

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, Cointreau & Fresh Lime.

    Rhino Agave Mojito

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, fresh Agave Sour, Fresh Mint & Lime, Organic Hawaiian Sugar Cane

    Rhino Pride

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, Muddle 5 Cranberries, 2 drops of New England Spiced Bitters, 1/4 oz Citrus syrup with lemongrass & ginger, 1.5 oz EasyRhino® Liqueur, Rim glass with smoked bourbon sugar, Garnish with 2 cherries and 1 cranberry. Build the cocktail in a shaker and then shake the cocktail and pour into a rocks glass that is rimmed with smoked bourbon sugar and garnished with cherries and cranberry.

    The Spicy Rhino

    EasyRhino Liqueur®, fresh jalapeño, cilantro, lime juice, soda (Optional) rim with chipotle cinnamon
    Easy Rhino


    EasyRhino Liqueur ®; a unique blend of finely crafted liqueur infused with ancient herbs and crafted with Vigor, Vitality, and Thunder in every bottle. (Ashwaganda,  Epimedium, Muira Puama and more). Infused with Cinnamon, Blood Orange, and a Hint of Vanilla. Care and attention goes into every ounce and is carefully inspected prior to bottling to insure only the finest liqueur. (35% Alc/Vol.,70 proof)
    Best served chilled by itself or with your favorite mixer!
    Easy Rhino
    Easy Rhino

    Please Indulge Responsibly!
    EasyRhino Liqueur®, 35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof)
    This Drink is an alcoholic beverage and not a health product. EasyRhino Liqueur is a product of 2XL SWAGGER BRANDS, LLC Austin, TX.